Sunday, March 23, 2008

God's Natural Splendors

Words alone can not describe the beauty of our earth. She is a living and breathing reflection of the love God has for us. To bestow such grandeur to our meek existence is to grant us only a glimpse of Heaven.

Photography allows us to recapture the visual moment, but it does not allow us to feel the warm air breeze whispering in our ear or the waterfall mist spray on our face. I want you to visualize the warm amber smell of pines needles in the wake of spring, the chill of a cloud as it shades the sun and then passes, and a sense of one with mother nature. Enjoy God's Gift to Us! Happy Easter!

Besides getting to know You Tube I thought I would learn about blogging as well. Still not sure about format and placement of photos etc. but this may be a nice way to share photos of our adventures and family. The photo below is a short video so you can hear the falls. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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